Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Jewelry in Downtown Glen Ellyn at Treasure House Resale Shop

 Wonderful selection of Vera Bradley...

Jewelry from Chico's, Coldwater Creek, Brighton and so many more!  Our Costume jewelry selection can not be beat.  Our prices range from $2.00 - $18.00.  Stop in often for the best selection in town!
Did you know that we are Volunteer driven?  Our amazing jewelry volunteers... beginning with Linda...put their heart and souls into creating an appealing display.  Every month they change the cases to include seasonal items.  Linda's helpers, Robbie and Carol...spend hours working on pricing and display. 
 Larc Jewelers in downtown Glen Ellyn assist Linda and her team to appraise our more pricy pieces.  Stop by Larc and give them some love! They have a wonderful shop with some estate pieces too!
Our community is a delightful and vibrant one.  Many shops help support us via donations, customer referrals and lending us their expertise from time to time! That is the way communities stay vibrant and we would not have it any other way!   We appreciate all of our Downtown Glen Ellyn business partners!
Shop local!  You will be helping families and businesses vital to your own communities!

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