Friday, October 18, 2013

Halloween Entertaining... something for your FRIGHTENINGLY beautiful table.

Entertaining this Halloween?  Let us be your "go to" spot for  beautifully scary décor.  Choose from glittery skulls... place them under glass or on your mantel.  Fill punch bowls full of cider and float some cherries for added spooktacular effect. 

Create a spooky crudité by placing a head of cauliflower that has been hollowed out.  Fill it with ranch dressing that has been colored green with food coloring, allow it to " ooze" over the edges.  Use red gel food coloring to line the  the grooves of the outside of the cauliflower.  To the serving tray, gently peel radishes allowing some red lines to remain on the white of the radish.  Hollow out a little hole and add half of an olive to create "eyes" .  Black olives scattered over the carrot sticks and broccoli pieces.  Place little labels, "orange witch fingers", black spiders ( olives) and any other creative ideas you and your family come up with.

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